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Financing a Forward-Looking Internet for All .-- : World Economic Forum , April 2018 .-- 34 p.

The economic impact on gross domestic product (GDP) of increasing broadband penetration has been well documented. Empirical studies have shown that each 10% increase in internet penetration correlates with an increase of up to 2.8 percentage points in the rate of GDP growth.3 Less discussed are the growth benefits from faster download speeds which, when doubled, result in a 0.3 percentage-point increase in per-capita GDP growth.4 Such findings reflect intuition: faster, high-quality internet permits more intensive uses of the web – from streaming media to the internet of things to self-driving cars – which in turn drives increased productivity, industrial growth and better quality of life. This paper develops a framework of internet “maturity levels” to provide a common vocabulary for the extent to which the internet is incorporated into individuals’ lives, and facilitates discussion between the public, private and civic spheres. It also makes the case that inclusive growth depends not simply on providing internet access, but on supplying access with sufficient quality and speed to support a mature internet ecosystem


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