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Financing the future of supercomputing How to increase investment in high performance computing in Europe / Prepared for: DG Research and Innovation and DG Connect European Commission By: Innovation Finance Advisory European Investment Bank Advisory Services Authors: Björn-Sören Gigler, Alberto Casorati and Arnold Verbeek Supervisor: Shiva Dustdar .-- Luxembourg : European Investment Bank , 2018 .-- 150 p.

The study is based on a large number of interviews with representatives from industry, academia and the financial community, and analysed existing public financing instruments and best practice cases. Some findings from the report: Demand for supercomputing is rapidly increasing in key sectors of the European economy Europe’s supercomputing capacity and investments are lagging behind global competitors Public support key to generate the economic and societal benefits and returns of supercomputing More coordinated European public support, dedicated financial instruments and advisory services needed to overcome investment gap in high-performance computing For Europe to succeed in developing, the next generation of supercomputers and stay competitive, the report recommends stepping up European public support and financing in a coordinated way at a continental scale, as well as developing financial instruments to enable more private investments in this sector. In addition, new business models need to provide better access for smaller, innovative companies to supercomputing solutions.



doi:10.2867/31460 ,

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Dustdar, Shiva

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