Digital Champions : How industry leaders build integrated operations ecosystems to deliver end-to-end customer solutions : Global Digital Operations Study 2018 / pwc ; (Reinhard Geissbauer, Ph.D, Evelyn Lübben, Stefan Schrauf, Steve Pillsbury) .-- : PwC , 2018 .-- 63 p. ; 1 fichero pdf

Distinct from Industry 3.0, which involved the automation of single machines and processes, Industry 4.0 encompasses end-to-end digitization and data integration of the value chain: offering digital products and services, operating connected physical and virtual assets, transforming and integrating all operations and internal activities, building partnerships, and optimizing customer-facing activities.

PwC’s Strategy& interviewed 1,155 manufacturing executives in 26 countries to develop an index that ranks companies by digital operations maturity, from Digital Novices, Digital Followers, Digital Innovators to Digital Champions. Based on the study data, we were able to create a sweeping portrait of Digital Champions — companies that have taken digitization to the highest degree — and assess what it takes to be a Digital Champion through the lens of the four essential ecosystems they must master and orchestrate.


manufacturing companies
Customer Solutions ecosystems
Artificial intelligence
digital transformation

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