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Broadband Coverage in Europe 2016 Mapping progress towards the coverage objectives of the Digital Agenda A study prepared for the European Commission DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology by: IHS Markit Consulting, Point Topic .-- European Union 2017 .-- 202 p.

This report covers thirty-one countries across Europe – the EU 28, plus Norway, Iceland and Switzerland - and analyses the availability of nine broadband technologies (DSL, VDSL, cable modem, DOCSIS 3, FTTP, WiMAX, HSPA, LTE and satellite) across each market, at national and rural levels. In addition, various combination categories indicating the availability of one or more forms of broadband connection are also published. These cover overall fixed & wireless broadband and next-generation access (NGA) availability. Europe-wide overview, country comparisons and year-on-year trends are provided in this report. Additionally, broadband coverage developments are discussed in individual country chapters


doi:10.2759/679477 .

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