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Generation AI : Establishing Global Standards for Children and AI : Project Workshop Report / World Economic Forum‪ .-- Geneva : World Economic Forum, June 2019 .-- 17 p. ; 1 documento PDF

Artificial intelligence (AI) carries with it the promise of enhancing human potential and improving upon social outcomes where existing systems have fallen short. Numerous risks and uncertainties, however, must be addressed as AI continues to evolve and integrate into public and private decision-making systems that define the world and, in particular, the world of opportunity for the people born to it. As digital natives, perhaps no group will be more affected by AI than children. It thus warrants special care to ensure that it is built to uphold children’s rights and maximize their developmental growth.
This report identifies deliverables in two key areas: 1) public policy guidelines that direct countries on creating new laws focused on children and 2) a corporate governance charter that guides companies leveraging AI to design their products and services with children in mind.
To inform the development of these two deliverables, the workshop was divided into three main sections: child rights, corporate governance and public policy.The goal at each stage was to consider the issues through an interdisciplinary lens, evaluating cutting-edge perspectives from media experts and developmental psychology.

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