Jeney, Petra

Combatting child sexual abuse online : : study / / [author, Petra Jeney] ; Directorate-General for Internal Policies .-- [Bruselas] : : Policy Department for Citizen's Rights and Constitutional Affairs, , 2015 .-- 54 p. ; ; 1 documento PDF .-- ( Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs ). ;

Bibliografía: p. 49-53

This study was commissioned by the European Parliament's Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the LIBE Committee. The study provides an overview of existing legislation at European Union, Member State and the international level related to online child sexual abuse. The study also provides an account of the role of law enforcement agencies in combatting child sexual abuse online and other governmental and private sector initiatives. Some of the current trends and phenomena related to online child sexual abuse and various policy responses are discussed, complemented with recommendations for future policy formulation.

Reproduction and translation for non-commercial purposes are authorised, provided the source is acknowledged and the European Parliament is given prior notice and sent a copy ; Unión Europea.


10.2861/975400 doi


information technology and telecommunications
child pornography
child protection
exchange of information
sexual offence
virtual community

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