The role of education and skills in bridging the gender divide : Evidence from APEC economies .-- París : OECD Publishing, 2019 .-- 130 p. : :gráf. ; 1 documento PDF

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Bibliografía: p. 119-130

For both women and men, being able to harness the potential of the digital transformation is a keystone of more sustainable and inclusive economies and societies. However, women are still lagging behind in their ability to access, use, and afford digital tools. They are also facing cultural barriers and stereotypes that affect their expectations and may lead them to choose career paths that are not necessarily those that the increasingly digitalised and interconnected world rewards. Early and systemic policy interventions, particularly in the education systems, but also those aimed at changing cultural norms and tackling stereotypes, are crucial to address these gaps and avoid them being further accentuated as the digital transformation unfolds.

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digital transformation
gender equality
Transformación digital

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