Pedreschi, Dino

Artificial Intelligence (AI) : new developments and innovations applied to e-commerce : challenges to the functioning of the Internal Market / [authors: Dino Pedreschi, Ioanna Miliou] .-- Luxembourg : Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies, May 2020 .-- 31 p. : graf. ; 1 documento PDF

Referencias bibliográficas: p. 28-29

This analysis discusses the opportunities and challenges brought by the recent and the foreseeable developments of Artificial Intelligence into online platforms and marketplaces.

Reproduction and translation for non-commercial purposes are authorised, provided the source is acknowledged and the European Parliament is given prior notice and sent a copy.

978-92-846-6551-8 (Print) 978-92-846-6550-1 (PDF)

10.2861/2605 DOI 10.2861/222800 DOI

Inteligencia Artificial

artificial intelligence
online platforms
explainable AI

Miliou, Ioanna

Parlamento Europeo
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