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Artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare Applications, availability and societal impact - Study European Commission. Joint Research Centre ; Gómez-González, Emilio; Gómez, Emilia .-- Luxembourg Publications Office of th European Union 2020 .-- 120 p.

This report reviews and classifies the current and near-future applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicine and Healthcare according to their ethical and societal impact and the availability level of the various technological implementations. It provides conceptual foundations for well-informed policy-oriented work, research, and forward-looking activities that address the opportunities and challenges created in the field of AI in Medicine and Healthcare. This report is aimed for policy developers, but it also makes contributions that are of interest for researchers studying the impact and the future of AI on Healthcare, for scientific and technological stakeholders in this field and for the general public. This report is based on an analysis of the state of the art of research and technology, including software, personal monitoring devices, genetic tests and editing tools, personalized digital models, online platforms, augmented reality devices, and surgical and companion robotics. From this analysis, it is presented the concept of ‘extended personalized medicine’, and it is explored the public perception of medical AI systems, and how they show, simultaneously, extraordinary opportunities and drawbacks. In addition, this report addresses the transformation of the roles of doctors and patients in an age of ubiquitous information and identifies three main paradigms in AI-supported Medicine: ‘fake-based’, ‘patient-generated’, and ‘scientifically tailored’ views.



10.2760/047666 doi

Inteligencia Artificial
Sanidad digital

disease prevention
information technology
health care
social impact

Gómez-González, Emilio
Gómez, Emilia
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