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Estimating investments in general purpose technologies The case of AI investments in Europe - Study European Commission. Joint Research Centre ; Gómez-González, Emilio; Gómez, Emilia .-- Luxembourg Publications Office of th European Union 2020 .-- 94 p.

In spite of a large interest in AI, among many open questions around this promising technology, the one concerning the level of investments in AI is particularly disturbing. Various sources provide various figures. This constantly blurs the understanding of the AI-driven revolution among policy makers and business leaders and constraints informed decision making. The current report presents an original and comprehensive methodology to estimate AI investments and applies it to the European economy. It provides estimates of AI investments in Europe in 2018.



10.2760/506947 doi

Inteligencia Artificial

information analysis
information technology
impact of information technology

Sobolewski, Maciej
Nepelski, Daniel
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