Artificial intelligence: How does it work, why does it matter, and what can we do about it? / Philip Boucher .-- Brussels European Union June 2020 .-- 75 pág. .-- (EPRS Studies; PE 641.547).

Artificial intelligence (AI) is probably the defining technology of the last decade, and perhaps also the next. The aim of this report is to support meaningful reflection and productive debate about AI by providing accessible information about the full range of current and speculative techniques and their associated impacts, and setting out a wide range of regulatory, technological and societal measures that could be mobilised in response

978-92-8 46-6 770-3

10.2861/44572 doi

Inteligencia Artificial

AI policy
technological actions
application options

Boucher, Philip

Parlamento Europeo Dirección General de Servicios de Estudios Parlamentarios Unidad de Prospectiva Científica STOA
Parlamento Europeo. Dirección General de Servicios de Estudios Parlamentarios

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