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Accelerating the 5G transition in Europe : How to boost investments in transformative 5G solutions : Main Report / Prepared for The European Commission (DG Connect) By Innovation Finance Advisory, part of the European Investment Bank's
advisory services ; Authors, François Gilles, Jaroslav Toth
.-- Luxembourg : European Investment Bank, February 2021 .-- 176 p. ; 1 documento PDF

The 2020 global pandemic crisis has forced many societies to adapt their ways of work and life. The proliferation of remote working has demonstrated the potential of the digital revolution and the increased resilience it brings to businesses and customers, thus
accelerating the shift towards a more digital economy. As countries are going through multiple lockdowns, it is becoming clear that the definition of the workplace may have changed permanently. The newly found confidence in remote working gives extra relevance to applications aiming to improve telepresence: from virtual or augmented reality all the way to remote surgeries. One can hardly imagine circumstances that would more urgently demonstrate the need for continued and accelerated digitalisation.

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10.2867/252427 . doi

Tecnologías habilitadoras digitales


digital innovations
remote working
virtual reality

Gilles, François
Toth, Jaroslav

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