Principles for Board Governance of Cyber Risk : insight report / World Economic Forum in collaboration with PwC, NACD, Internet Security Alliance .-- Geneva : World Economic Forum, March 2021 .-- 19 p. : il. ; 1 documento PDF

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Cyber risk remains among the top risks facing business organizations today. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2021 lists cybersecurity failure as a top “clear and present danger” and critical global threat. As with any major enterprise issue, it is important for the board of directors and leadership to set the tone at the top and define how their organizations must address cybersecurity.
This document is the result of collaboration between the World Economic Forum, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), Internet Security Alliance (ISA) and a working group of industry professionals, supported by project adviser PwC. These organizations came together to build a set of consensus principles that recognized up-todate techniques for cyber-risk governance. Building off existing guidance and through an iterative development process, this group developed six consensus principles for cybersecurity board governance.
This paper is designed for corporate directors to reference and follow as they set cybersecurity strategy and engage with stakeholders from across their business and their sector on the issue of cyber risk. In exercising the board’s oversight function, we recognize that the best action for the board is to demand, review and analyse anagement’s
plans for cyber risks. The contents within provide guidance, examples and critical questions that directors may find useful as they seek to understand their organization’s current position, exercise their oversight function and set future goals.

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