Facerand, Keri

Digital technology and the futures of education – towards ‘non-stupid’ optimism : Background paper for the Futures of Education initiative / by Keri Facerand and Neil Selwyn ; Paper commissioned for theUNESCO Futures of Education report .-- Paris : United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Education Sector , April 2021 .-- 19 p. : il. ; 1 documento PDF

Bibliografía: p. 17-19

This paper develops a constructively critical perspective on the application of digital technologies in education –what is sometimes referred to as ‘educational technology’ and ‘edtech’, which encompasses the use of digital technologies to support teaching, learning and educational work. In particular, we reflect on what can be taken from the past 40 years of initiatives, interventions and policies that have aimed to mobilise digital technologies to change the day-to-day practices of education for students and teachers. This history (alongside recent experiences of pandemic remote schooling) points to the limitations of technology to transform long-standing patterns of educational opportunities and outcomes.


Educación digital

tecnologías digitales
Transformación digital

Selwyn, Neil

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