Harnessing the power of technology and digital innovation for children / UNICEF Technology for Development Report Information Communication and Technology Division .-- New York : United Nations Children’s Fund, April 2021 .-- 72 p. : il. ; 1 documento PDF

UNICEF Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) permeate every aspect UNICEF’s work, helping to deliver results for children faster and at scale through technology and digital innovation. The initiatives described in this report span UNICEF’s work worldwide and help address children’s health, nutrition, education, protection, access to water, sanitation and hygiene, and inclusion. The achievements reflect that ICTs have become instrumental to how we do business at UNICEF; that our partners are propelling this work in all sectoral areas and across humanitarian and development programmes; and that digital innovations and solutions are fundamental to improving children’s lives across the world. The rapid expansion of digital programming over the last year is also evidenced by the acceleration and uptake of digital real-time information solutions employed by countries at scale. In 2020, 113 countries (72 per cent) used real-time information technology at scale, exceeding UNICEF’s target of 60 per cent by 2020. With information and communication technology support, countries are leapfrogging into the digital realm and UNICEF: - has led international efforts to bring virtual and other forms of remote learning to children across the world. This has involved collaborating with partners to provide online and distance learning to millions of outof-school children, and helping children return to school - has is also using technology and digital innovation to strengthen child protection information management systems – including civil registration and vital statistics systems, monitoring and reporting on violations against children, and case management. - is increasingly working to identify technological solutions and innovations that address challenges and create new opportunities, this can include real-time monitoring and predictive analysis, digital identity, artificial intelligence (AI)/deep learning.

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