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Digitalisation in Europe 2020-2021 : evidence from the EIB Investment Survey / European Investment Bank ; main contributors to this publication, Matteo Ficarra ... [et al.] .-- Luxembourg : European Investment Bank, July 2021 .-- 98 p. ; 1 documento PDF

This report on digitization sheds light on the state of digitization in European countries, reaching a series of conclusions: 1) The adoption of digital technologies by companies in the European Union is improving, but has not yet closed the gap with the United States 2) While some EU countries are at the global forefront of digital transformation, others risk being left behind 3) Digitization offers a unique opportunity to improve the global competitiveness of European companies 4)To close the digital divide, Europe needs to increase investment and create ecosystems that support innovation.

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978-92-861-5041-8 (pdf) 978-92-861-5042-5 (ebook)


10.2867/13068 DOI 10.2867/1363 DOI QH-BS-21-001-EN-E QH-BS-21-001-EN-N

Economía digital


tecnología digital
Transformación digital
Unión Europea

Ficarra, Matteo
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