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Digital economy report 2021 : cross-border data flows and development : for whom the data flow / United Nations Conference on Trade and Development .-- Geneva : United Nations Publications, 2021 .-- 238 p. : gráf. ; 1 documento PDF

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This report examines the implications of growing cross-border data flows, especially for developing countries. It proposes to reframe and broaden the international policy debate with a view to building multilateral consensus.

It is more important than ever to embark on a new path for digital and data governance. The current fragmented data landscape risks us failing to capture value that could accrue from digital technologies and it may create more space for substantial harms related to privacy breaches, cyberattacks and other risks.
The Report calls for innovative approaches to governing data and data flows to ensure more equitable distribution of the gains from data flows while addressing risks and concerns. A holistic global policy approach has to reflect the multiple and interlinked dimensions of data and balance different interests and needs in a way that supports inclusive and sustainable development with the full involvement of countries trailing behind in digital readiness.
The United Nations offers a natural platform to advance this agenda with the involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

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