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Digital solutions for climate action : using ICT to raise ambitions on climate action in low-and middleincome countries / prepared exclusively by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) .-- Brussels : GeSI, 2021 .-- 126 p. : il. ; 1 documento PDF

This report presents mitigation and adaptation potentials that can be achieved with digital technologies by 2030 for seven countries. The current Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and digital readiness of Brazil, Chile, China, India, Kenya, South Africa, and Vietnam were analysed. Four relevant sectors have been analysed for greenhouse gas emissions mitigation: power, transport, manufacturing and construction, and agriculture. Finally, emissions resulting from the use of digital technologies have also been analysed to put the results in perspective. . This report focuses on the technological level; specifically, how digital technologies can assist the achievement of the NDCs of seven show-case countries, taken into consideration their particular circumstances, such as digital infrastructures and existing power sources. The following digital technologies are considered to have a potentially high decarbonising impact:
• Smart grids and buildings, to increase energy efficiency and the management of renewable energy: use of digital communications and other advanced technologies to measure usage at the local level and manage demand and supply accordingly
• Intelligent transport systems: real-time traffic flow management, improved public transport information, smart logistics and predictive maintenance of infrastructure are all potential ways to help decarbonise the movement of goods and people
• Industry 4.0 and more efficient manufacturing processes: enabling industry to become more connected, efficient and smart, using digital
technologies such as big data, machine learning, IoT and cloud computing
• Precision agriculture, to improve efficiency in the use of nitrogen-based fertilisers
and livestock management: using digital technology to target, for example, the application of fertilisers thus
increasing productivity and reducing emissions


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