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Shared guiding principles for digital health inclusion : white paper / World Economic Forum .-- Geneva : World Economic Forum, 30 November 2021 .-- 12 p. : il., graf. ; 1 documento PDF

The EDISON Alliance has developed the
following principles to guide organizations to
explore sustainable, effective, public-private
partnerships as one of the avenues to find
solutions for some of the inherent challenges that
exist in providing healthcare services across the
globe. Using digital tools to provide
connected care creates an unprecedented
opportunity to bridge gaps and reduce health
disparities. This gap includes issues of access – the sheer
lack of broadband connectivity for millions of
people – and adoption, due to social determinants
of health and the lack of digital readiness and
skills, as well as an issue of trust in the use
of digital solutions for healthcare delivery. While these gaps in access and adoption are
clear, the use of digitally-connected care creates
an unprecedented opportunity to bridge the

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