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Mapping report on national remedies against online piracy of sports content / this report was prepared by the European Audiovisual Observatory at the request of the European Commission ; director of publication, Susanne Nikoltchev .-- Strasbourg : European Audiovisual Observatory, 2021 .-- 681 p. : gráf., mapas ; 1 documento PDF

The report of the European Audiovisual Observatory examines the existing remedies against online piracy available in Member States and in the UK. The report takes into account the legislative framework, at the EU and national level, as well as the relevant case law.

It provides information on the legal protection of sport events, including domiciliary rights and the special legal protection existing in certain Member States for the sport events organisers, as well the protection granted under copyright and related rights for the audiovisual recordings and broadcasting of sport events.

The main part of the report is dedicated to the remedies and procedural rules applicable against online piracy of sport events, including notices and takedown procedures and injunctions. The report focuses on the use of blocking injunctions, with a special emphasis on dynamic and live blocking injunctions. In addition, the report refers to the administrative authorities that certain countries created or empowered to enforce copyright protection, and identifies relevant voluntary initiatives at national level to combat online sport piracy. This mapping is complemented by case studies on specific aspects relevant for piracy of sport content.

978-92-871-9179-3 (print version)

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Nikoltchev, Susanne
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