AI for Everyone? : critical perspectives / edited by Pieter Verdegem .-- London : University of Westminster Press, 2021 .-- 310 p. ; 1 documento PDF

This book brings together critical interrogations of what constitutes AI, its impact and its inequalities in order to offer an analysis of what it means for AI to deliver benefits for everyone. The book is structured in three parts: Part 1, AI: Humans vs. Machines, presents critical perspectives on human-machine dualism. Part 2, Discourses and Myths About AI, excavates metaphors and policies to ask normative questions about what is ‘desirable’ AI and what conditions make this possible. Part 3, AI Power and Inequalities, discusses how the implementation of AI creates important challenges that urgently need to be addressed. Bringing together scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and regional contexts, this book offers a vital intervention on one of the most hyped concepts of our times.

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978-1-914386-13-8 (PDF) 978-1-914386-16-9 (Paper) 978-1-914386-14-5 (EPUB) 978-914386-15-2 (Kindle)

10.16997/book55/ DOI

Inteligencia Artificial

Reino Unido

artificial intelligence

Verdegem, Pieter

University of Westminster Press
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