Monti, Giorgio

Improving EU institutional design to better supervise digital platforms : report / Giorgio Monti, Alexandre de Streel .-- Brussels : Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE), January 2022 .-- 66 p. : il. ; 1 documento PDF

This study takes stock of existing institutional models, evaluates each model by studying its effectiveness and consistency, and recommends improvements to the overall system to ensure more enforcement coherence and effectiveness of EU Platform Laws. It also includes several case studies of cross-countries and cross-legal regime cooperation. The authors draw three main conclusions from their study: 1)Europe needs a close cooperation between the different national authorities when it regulates digital services, which are often offered cross-border 2) Europe needs better coordination between regulators in charge of different legal regimes 3) Centralising enforcement at the EU level could be useful for the largest cross-borders platforms. Such centralisation could take place at the European Commission as proposed in the DMA and DSA, or in a new (to be created) European Platforms Authority


Unión Europea

Derechos digitales


plataformas digitales
marco institucional
Digital Markets Act (DMA)
Digital Services Act (DSA)

Streel, Alexandre de

Centre on Regulation in Europe
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