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_aHakala, Janne
245 1 0 _aRussia's strategy in cyberspace
_c/ Janne Hakala, Jazlyn Melnychuk ; This publication is developed in the framework of the joint cooperation project of the NATO StratCom COE and NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence COE
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_cJune 2021
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520 _aThis paper recommends several measures the NATO and its member nations could undertake to enhance their defence capabilities, starting with recognizing the validity of the Russian understanding of cyber as a tool within a broadly defined information sphere encompassing both technical and psychological aspects: 1) Integrating StratCom functions, with an emphasis on cyber operations 2) Increasing risk analysis of information environment by identifying which populations and infrastructure are the most vulnerable to cyber and information attacks 3) Enhancing interoperability by increasing cyber-attack crisis management exercises that include other functions of strategic communications 4) Support EU and national governments in enhancing digital security, such as through advocating better data privacy and social media regulation 5) Bolster deterrence including through attribution and working with partners such as the EU and the private sector 6) Foster a whole-of-government approach and the involvement of wider society 7) Impressing on Russia the futility of creating a closed information space.
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