Guidelines for parents and educators on Child Online Protection : 2020 .-- ITU 2020 .-- 58 pág.

For you, the users of these guidelines, our aim has been to raise awareness of the scope of the challenge, and to provide you with a resource that will help you effectively support young people’s interaction with the online world. These guidelines will sensitize you to the potential risks and threats, and help you cultivate a healthy and empowering online environment at home, and in the classroom. They also emphasize the importance of open communication and ongoing dialogue with children, to create a safe space where young users feel empowered to raise concerns. In addition to reflecting new developments in digital technologies and platforms, this new edition addresses an important lacuna: the situation faced by children with disabilities, for whom the online world offers a particularly crucial lifeline to full – and fulfilling – social participation. Consideration of the special needs of migrant children and other vulnerable groups has also been included

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