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OECD Digital Education Outlook 2021 : pushing the frontiers with artificial intelligence, blockchain and robots / OECD ; authors Ryan Baker ... [et al.] .-- Paris : OECD Publishing, 2021 .-- 300 p. : graf. ; 1 documento PDF

This book explores how might digital technology and notably smart technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI), learning analytics, robotics, and others transform education. It focuses on how smart technologies currently change education in the classroom and the management of educational organisations and systems. The book delves into beneficial uses of smart technologies such as learning personalisation, supporting students with special learning needs, and blockchain diploma credentialing. It also considers challenges and areas for further research. The findings offer pathways for teachers, policy makers, and educational institutions to digitalise education while optimising equity and inclusivity.

978-92-64-64199-0 (print) 978-92-64-90464-4 (PDF)

10.1787/589b283f-en doi

Educación digital

inteligencia artificial
tecnología digital
tecnologías inteligentes
Transformación digital

Baker, Ryan
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